Sunday, 28 June 2009

Leatherprince's store

I can't remember when was the last time I purchased a keychain? Normally, I wouldn't go shopping for keychains, it is something that you receive form a car dealer with your new tyres or as a promotional material from a shop across the street. But this store has completely changed my point of view on keychains and I am looking forward to my friend's birthdays - they will all receive keychains this year. :)
All items in Leatherprinces's store are hand-cut, hand-stitched and design by Beon and his wife Candy.

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Candy usually does the picture design and Beon will work on the rest.

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They will be more than happy to take a custom order from you.

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It's not all about keychains, they make purses, coin pouches, card holders and iPhone cases.

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For more great small leather designs, visit Leatherprinces' shop here.


Rachel Kovaciny said...

Wow, those are amazing keychains! That bumble bee is especially cute. I'm going to check out Leatherprince's store right now.

Anonymous said...

Cute :) I have to check out the shop.